Testimonianze dei nostri clienti

Nome: D.Arneson                                                                   

Data:   06/07/2018                                


Reason for beginning Chiropractic Care

Sharp pain in right side of back

How long were you expecting these problems?


What was it like at its worst and how did it affect your life?

The pain was unimaginable, I could barely breathe, and I couldn’t sleep. It affected my life because I had to take time off from work.

Previous attitude  or experience with Chiropractic

I had never gone to a Chiropractor before                                                                                                

Past treatments and results


What progress have you made since beginning Chiropractic care?

The first day I came to the Chiropractic care I could barely lay down on table; now I have no issues and feel almost 100%

What side benefits have you experienced and how has this affected your life?

I have not experienced any side affects

I was referred to this office by:

Gary Cottage

Additional comments about our office and the care you have received

I would recommend Dr. John Manson to back, neck or spinal issues. He does an amazing job and you’ll be glad you come here!